Apr 21, 2021TEENREVIEWBOARD rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
I enjoyed Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, so I decided to read the book Gone Girl which is also by Gillian Flynn. This is a very popular book so I had already heard of it but this was a lot better than I had ever expected. This book is a psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat while you read. This book made me realize that there is a lot more to the world then what meets the eye. It is a creepy story about a couple and their troublesome relationship. I liked this book a lot because it was very interesting and throughout the story I was never bored. There is a movie based on this book which I recommend watching as well! I would give this the rating of 5/5. @bookvampire<3 of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board This book is a psychologically stimulating work of literature. It follows the characters Nick and Amy through their marriage and shows how their relationship affects one another. The characters Nick and Amy, are seemingly normal people, who turn mad because of one another, something that may happen in a normal relationship, because of its' proximity to reality, the book ends up questioning the reader whether they really know their significant other or not. It is an interesting book to read, I definitely recommend it for it really stimulates one's mind throughout it. The book especially dives into the themes of revenge, deceit, betrayal and the role of power. Sex is also important when looking at this story, the role of gender and the role of one's sex is important. This book also gives the readers an example of a modern Femme Fatale, one that readers don't normally witness. This book is for readers over 21. Out of five, I will give it a 4.5. @Lime_Latte of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is about the disappearance of Amy Dunne and how her husband Nick’s life gets turned upside down when he becomes the prime suspect. This book had a bit of a slow start but got very exciting when the pace sped up. The chapters switch between Nick’s point of view throughout the investigation, and Amy’s diary entries over the course of their relationship, with many surprises, and twists you would never have seen coming. I found this book to be very suspenseful and dark in the beginning, but as the story progressed it got a bit funny and clever. I would suggest this book to anyone who is a fan of The Girl on the Train and similar style suspense or mystery novels. I would rate this book 8/10 stars. @bookaholic of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board