Jan 01, 2021ThomE51 rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
Void Moon is my ninth Connelly book, and I enjoyed it. I read several reviews of the book before embarking on it. Most people raved about it, but there were a few dissatisfied souls. I had just finished Angels Flight, so I was looking forward to another non-Bosch book. It started off well, then slid into what is becoming the Connelly Slide, where the formula moves in and creativity and a twist take a coffee break. By the time I was finished with the book, I thought I had read a rendering for a formula TV movie. It was rather sad, good but sad. There was nothing original happening in the plot. After I was finished reading, I was more interested in who would play Cassie Black in the movie, than I was in thinking about how good the book was. I came up with Jennifer Connelly playing Cassie in the movie, Al Sapienza playing Karch, and Leo de Caprio playing Leo Renfro. Void Moon could have been much better, but it was a fun read, and I went through it pretty quickly. It isn't a book I would use to introduce Michael Connelly to my friends and relatives.