Sep 28, 2020AntonHPL rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Don't take it as serous thing. It comic book/Noir movie came to live with limited budget, a lot of fun fiction attitude and 3D of how it was 18 years ago! Which is not so great by today standards. Yet it's a brave attempt of indie team to create a world nobody seen before for a first time. It's silly. Yet till today i don't think there is a movie which created it. We had Batman animated but not the movies. So if you like to see these how it could of been if world took different turn movies and like the atmosphere it's for you. If you expect solid and modern action... yep that's a fail. I seen in in theatres back in 2004 and it was ground braking. In a way this is a movie which showed how it could be done for many films and most of modern production use methods they developed like full 3D low res movie to test the shots before actual shooting. Additional materials 100% recommended. Story of how they made a movie is totally worth watching.