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JCLChrisK made a comment Oct 22 2020
"An exciting time travel adventure that doesn't twist the brain keeping track of all the different timelines. It alternates narration between the two protagonists, a pair of trainees at a top secret academy for time agents. Classmate nemeses with c..." Permalink
JCLChrisK rated a title Oct 22 2020
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JoCoLibrary - Kids - Writing Advice for Young Writers

"Love to write? Here are some of our favorite titles for improving your skill and developing your craft."
JCLChrisK made a comment Oct 20 2020
"A nuanced, layered story of a significant moment in a young person's life. This is a character-driven book about Ashley, and also about all the people in her life, and what they learn about themselves and each other during the riots after the Rodn..." Permalink
JCLChrisK rated a title Oct 20 2020
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