Shadows in Death
Shadows in Death In Death Series, Book 51 By Robb, J. D. eBook - 2020

Sigh! Another formulaic installment.
This one is all about Roarke, I guess to try and breath some interest in this dying series. But alas I don’t think anything can save this series.
Similar to the last few books the murder mystery is non existent. Solved in 2 seconds flat. The guilty portrayed as so stupid, while everyone on Eve’s side is so pearly righteous, smart, loyal and totally in sync with Eve including Roarke. Gone are the days when these characters had spines of their own and some actual character. Gone are the days where there were actually plot lines with actual characters and actual tension and conflicts.
So instead we get this manufactured conflict of a ‘shadow’ from Roarke’s childhood that is so evil that we are supposed to fear for Roarke’s life. A shadow that is so brilliant yet so dumb. A very poor cat and mouse game ensues and a stupid operation that gets stretched dramatically to include everyone in Eve and Roarke’s life! Basically this installment throws everything in including the kitchen sink. Where do you find a family where everyone is fierce, capable of staring death in the face, and just gets along with everyone else in nauseating emotional soup. Must be magical to be surrounded by people like that!
Throw in a nightmare that shakes Roarke and you get a ‘tables turned’ situation where Eve is thrust into a more caring role!
And of course we can’t escape the nauseating details of the philanthropy and the constant comparisons between Roarke and his shadow.
Also apparently there are no laws that Eve can’t simply side step for her own personal needs because she is the epitome of righteousness and for that her Commander and her whole squad will gleefully lie for her.
It is marginally a better book (1 star) than my usual 1/2 star ratings. So I would say skip it espy if you never read this series!

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