This book is really long. It took me over a month to read it as it was my bedtime story reading and I conked out fast after a long day. He doesn't paddle across the Pacific like the ancient Polynesians which he has no end of praise and admiration for or Kon-Tiki which he disparagages. He takes an airplane for the most part though he does a lot of paddling from island to island that are closer together I think eight miles was about the furthest he paddles in one streatch. He really slams Thor Heyerdahl and thinks he's a complete crackpot. He spends a lot of time critisising France and the US for nuclear testing on the islands as well as oppressing the islanders. He never gets tired of critising the Japanese though he finally meets a Japanese archaeologist he likes.
He just writes what ever opinion he happens to have no matter how politically incorrect and much of it borders on racism.
On one island he encourages natives that still carve wooden paddles to make double bladed paddles like his kayak paddle; but he records on two seperate occasions and I suspect it happened to him more than twice that his paddles scooped jellyfish tenticles out of the water which then slide down his paddle on the next stroke stinging his arm. This naturally makes me think that the double bladed kayak paddle is not a good idea in tropical waters.
He quotes a lot from histroical writers and adventurers that had traveled through the places he was visting I found this enjoyable and interesting.
Professional Pirgrim's comments below are very good.

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