Skin Game

Skin Game

A Novel of the Dresden Files

Book - 2014
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IndyPL_SteveB Jun 30, 2019

*Skin Game* is #15 in the long-running series about hard-boiled Chicago private eye/wizard Harry Dresden, as he solves mysteries dealing with vampires, werewolves, faeries, angels (fallen and otherwise), gods and goddesses of every religious tradition, and monsters. LOTS of monsters.

I have previously read only the first two in the series, and I was pleasantly surprised that since Butcher writes with so much energy and force, and Dresden is such a clever, sarcastic fellow, the intense story pulled me along past any subtleties that I missed. Butcher is very good about giving you enough exposition, in short bursts and in the flow of the story, that I could make reasonable guesses about what I had missed and be able to keep up with the twists and turns in the plot.

In this book, Dresden has become “The Winter Knight” under the protection and supervision of Mab, the Queen of the Faery World. This “protection” seems just as likely to result in his death as being on his own, because the job she insists he do next is to become part of a burglary team being put together by his worst enemy, the thoroughly evil Nicodemus Archelone. Unexpectedly, they are to prepare to steal something from the treasure vault of the Greek god, Hades, which is, of course, in the Underworld. Think *Ocean’s 11*, with a team of people who hate each other

Very entertaining.

Dec 05, 2018

Dresden Files Book 15

Aug 19, 2018

Book 15.

Nov 09, 2015

Good sci-fict. Also ward-winning. If you like sic-fict, it is a good pick. Note: the science inside the book is not real science and is not imaginative enough.

Oct 26, 2015

Skin Game is another action packed entry in The Dresden Files series featuring Chicago-based wizard Harry Dresden. In this entry Dresden, who is now the Winter Knight, is put out on loan to an arch-enemy. The series has become consistent with the almost constant action. Butcher rarely gives Dresden a breather as he battles new enemies as well as old. Dresden typically takes a beating early on, barely escaping with his life, to triumph at the novel’s climax. Along the way there are brief pauses to reflect on the nature of friendship, family, and faith. However, Dresden’s ongoing battles with monsters are what keep Skin Game and the series going.

Feb 07, 2015

The Dresden files are some of the best "real" fantasy being written. I have enjoyed each of the novels and short stories.

Nov 07, 2014

Didn't grab me like the others. There were moments of excitement and interest, but not sustaining. New character introduced. Will be interesting to see where that takes the series.

NAF_0 Aug 27, 2014

pretty much the best series in the world
but needs to include more about the young spirit and bring back the trademark: burning buildings

Jul 28, 2014

I love the series but wasn't blown away by Skin Game. It has all of the types of elements which this series is known for but didn't weave in some of the elements that had me really excited to see how they would progress.

Perhaps that is just me wanting to much at once, I would definitely still recommend it and will continue reading the series, just liked some of the other novels a bit better than this one.

Jul 23, 2014

Wow, Jim Butcher delivers over and over again! The Dresden Files has to be one of the best series in fantasy ever. The way Butcher weaves all fantasy, mythological, and religious characters in one story arc is amazing! This book does not disappoint. Like all of the other Dresden books I seriously laugh out loud at minimum of 3 times (and only one of the books was that low). This book brought that same humor and even made me teary eyed in a few spots. Great Great Book!

Side note: It was great to read Patrick Rothfuss's (The Name of the Wind, Wise Man's Fear) review of this book as well on goodreads. It was very exciting to see another author I love have such a deep appreciation for the Dresden Files.

There's more than one copy. And this is an awesome book. They just keep getting better and better.

Jun 11, 2014

I'm with Alexa65; only one copy? Guess the system doesn't track book usage/demand too closely.

Jun 10, 2014

Only one copy, really!

MargeBouvier Jun 03, 2014

Great! 2 copies in our library, and the very first person is already 2 weeks overdue. Buddy, if you can't read a new book in 2 weeks, don't be first in line when you know other people are waiting for it!

Can't wait to read this one! Just re-read the series so I'll be ready for Skin Game. I love these books, love Harry Dresden!

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