Tell No One

Tell No One

Book - 2001
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Jan 20, 2021


Mar 05, 2020


May 02, 2019

I am sooo glad I read ebooks...or Id be paying for tearing the pages because I couldn't turn them fast enough. This was a great read. I loved the characters, except for a few of the cops(agents)..smh... thank goodness for Carlson. Only took me a couple of days to get thru this, an excellent read and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes a mystery.5 stars. Happy Reading!

Oct 16, 2018

Another great suspense filled story by one of my favourite authors.

Sep 03, 2018

Stand alone novel full of action and plot twists, right to the very last page.

Apr 23, 2018

Incredible suspense! Nice to have the point of view from the husband rather than a detective for a change. Feels like you are making decisions yourself.

Oct 30, 2017

I'm reluctantly going to finish this book, although I lost patience with Coben's overstated and exaggerated portrayals of minorities as thuggish uneducated criminals and white people as irrefutably rich and intelligent within the first couple of chapters. I understand the desire to come across as gritty and realistic but it just ended up coming off as offensive. The dialogue and character and scenery descriptions were completely stereotyped-i have never heard a black person use the word "bidness" in a legitimate conversation. Also, the simple mechanics of the writing were just awful. It lacks structure and flow. Good story, abhorrent execution.

The only reason I'm still reading is because I want to know what happened to Elizabeth. Glad I checked out the e-book instead of wasting gas to go the library for a paper copy.

Sep 11, 2017

Begin reading on pg267.

Mar 13, 2017

I'd have to say this was a pretty good read. Some characters were interesting, some, not so much. There are a few twists to the story, which I enjoy. I never like reading "predictable". I'd give it 3+ stars because although it was good, some of the characters were off-putting.

Feb 25, 2017

When a man receives a mysterious email from his deceased wife, he sets out on a quest for answers.....a spine changing novel.......definitely a page turner

Aug 02, 2016

One of the best murder mysteries I've ever read. The opening premise of a man suddenly receiving an email from his wife who was murdered eight years ago certainly gets one's attention. That's followed by a plot with more twists than a mountain bike path. It's difficult to figure out who the good guys and bad guys are and almost everyone seems to have secrets that somehow bear on the plot.
An unusual bonus, seldom encountered in books of this kind is that several of the minor characters (the fugitive hiding in the woods, the drug dealer, the lesbian model, the doctor's father-in-law) are well drawn, interesting and really contribute to the story.
Some readers have criticized the plot for being far-fetched. Of course it is! That's what this genre of book is supposed to be -- a piece of fantasy. Yes, there are technology anachronisms; a legitimate quibble but I'm willing to overlook minor issues like that when the entire book is so entertaining.
A well deserved four-and-a-half stars.

May 01, 2016

Excellent mystery with lots of twists and unexpected turns. Highly recommended to those who enjoyed Gone Girl.

Apr 18, 2016

I really liked this book. It was truly exciting with unexpected twists and turns. It's too bad the sequel "Tell No One - Gone for Good" is not available. Read this book - I'm certain you'll enjoy it! To "conservatively autistic": get over yourself - too bad if a lesbian couple have a major role to play.

Jun 16, 2015

I am not going to give this a rating because, sadly, I didn't finish it. I have mixed feelings about whether or not I liked this book. Here is what I liked. The book was crazy suspense. I could hardly stand it! The plot was intriguing and fun. Here is what I hated: First, the writing sucked really bad. It was just terrible. For example, Coben uses a lot of two word sentences. Here is what you will find in the book. John said. "Whats up?" Mary said. "Nothing" John Walked. Mary walked.
Really Coben!?! You're an adult author! This isn't frigging Dick and Jane! Another thing a hated was the whole lesbian thing. I hate it when books like this have agendas. Let me say this, I hate reading about lesbians. I have better things to do than reading about two woman doing things. And these woman are not side characters, these are major characters! If it were not for this issue and the fifth grade writing, then this book is worthy of a 4.5 rating.

Mar 20, 2015

Really fantastic book! Interestingly enough, I think it is also the only Harlan Coben book to get a movie adaptation. (However, as of writing this, I have yet to watch it, and get the impression some elements of the story may have been changed)

Jan 12, 2015

Searching for holiday reading? Tell No One is well worth considering. If you read the first chapter and then start reading the second one it's time to forget whatever you had planned for the rest of the day and finish the book. The need to find out how it will all end will compel most readers to pass through the weaker parts of the plot without too much notice as they enjoy the fast and twisting narrative.

Jul 31, 2014

Awesome plot!!

hania4987 Aug 28, 2013

gripping, tight plot with lots of twists!

LaToya_Literally Dec 26, 2012

I do NOT give books five stars frivolously. BUT HOLY CRAP THIS BOOK IS EVERYTHING SUSPENSE SHOULD BE. I yelled, I held my breath, I even put the book down and cursed at it a few times when there were major reveals.

If you're into this genre, please do yourself a favor and pick this one up, because OMG.

Lacerise Apr 01, 2012

Excellent read, just like all of Harlan Coben's. Made into a good movie, too.

Nov 16, 2011

This book was recommended by one of my favourite authors and I'm still trying to figure out why. I managed to get halfway through the novel and then I had to stop. The dialogue was boring and the characters were flat. There was nothing exciting about the writing at all. I don't have any interest in reading anything else by this author. There are so many other authors who are more edgey and clever. Skip this one.

Nov 04, 2010

Fine beach read. Always lots of action from this author

Apr 11, 2010

Very good.

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